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Unless you're a Gemini, you won't understand, but I won't stop you from trying.
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In 1961, Leonid Rogozov, 27, was the only surgeon in the Soviet Antarctic Expedition. During the expedition, he felt severe pain in the stomach and had a high fever. Rogozov examined himself and discovered that his appendix was inflamed and could burst at any time. With a local anesthesia, he operated himself to remove the appendix. An engineer and a meteorologist assisted surgery.





Very sad to see how far behind we still are.


I was having a discussion about this exact documentary just yesterday.  Just a thought…

“My method is simple. I HAVE OUTLINED A NUMBER OF DIFFERENCES AMONG THE SLAVES; AND I TAKE THESE DIFFERENCES AND MAKE THEM BIGGER…I shall assure you that DISTRUST IS STRONGER THAN TRUST AND ENVY STRONGER THAN ADULATION, RESPECT OR ADMIRATION. The Black slaves after receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will become self-refueling and self-generating for HUNDREDS of years, maybe THOUSANDS. Don’t forget…you must use the DARK skin slaves vs. the LIGHT skin slaves, and the LIGHT skin slaves vs. the DARK skin slaves.

- The Infamous Willie Lynch Letter, Virginia, 1712.

2011.  Dare I say, Mr. Lynch is alive and well. 

#PrettyGirlsRock Honoree… 11.20.10 @ Victory Tavern

#PrettyGirlsRock Honoree… 11.20.10 @ Victory Tavern

Caption this… SMH #onlyinNYC

Caption this… SMH #onlyinNYC

After weeks of deliberation, distraction and disenchantment, I’ve finally found the focus and faith I need to recommit myself to The Passion. I have to and now, I want to. Admittedly, I allowed other things to take priority over it these last several years but I’m now standing where the proverbial “rubber meets the road” and I’m going to just do it.

Thank God that I’m blessed with so many awesome, absolutely amazing people who LOVE me and believe in my talents sometimes, more than I do… people that won’t let me quit and remind me every time I get “weary in my well doing”, that I owe the Lord a return on His investment in me and that I HAVE to pursue this. And also, I thank God for His patience with me… that He has given me time to get it together and is still blessing me thru The Passion.

I’m ready. I’m excited. And this time, I’m committed.


Share your heart with someone who will cherish u while they have u, not someone who won’t appreciate u until they’ve lost u.
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Forever Jones

#nowplaying “He Wants It All” - Forever Jones, the perfect soundtrack to Day 1 of the Daniel Fast. Pray for me, pray with me. If you want to follow my progress, checkout And if u want to join the Fast, email/msg me.

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Death Cab For Cutie,

#nowplaying “Soul Meets Body”- Death Cab for Cutie… “Ba da ba da bap ba…”

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#nowplaying “Lady” by D’Angelo, one of the nicest relationship anthems of 1994

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31 Minutes to Takeoff

(via jdakar) 31 Minutes to Takeoff….. Be easy people. #goodnite